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Price of services

We always agree on the price of our services with our clients in advance.

The price can be determined:

1) Via an hourly rate, especially for consultations or document revisions. The actual rate is based on the complexity of the case and is agreed upon with the client in advance.

2) Via a fixed sum for a particular service or for each deed in a particular legal matter.

3) Via a monthly rate in case of a long-term cooperation.

If there is no prior agreement on the price of service between the attorney and the client, the fee is governed by the regulation No. 177/1996 Coll., The Lawer’s Tarriff, as amended.

An attorney shall also be entitled to compensation of his cash expenditures reasonably spent in relation to the provision of legal services, in particular, paying court and other fees and travel costs, and compensation for the loss of time.

We accept both payments in cash and via bank transfer.

Our office is VAT registered.

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